Naturblick 04/2015: Nýja-Holuhraun - Begegnungen mit Feuer und Eis
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Naturblick 04/2013: Portfolio Jens Bachmann
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Blocksberg, Harz / Germany
View towards the Brocken massif from the Wolfswarte on a ice cold evening.
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Sturral, Donegal / Ireland
The sun sets while a long day of walking ends...
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Dovrefjell, Norway
A fine place for a tent with wonderful views.
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Tafjordfjella, Norway
A clear evening before a night full of Aurora Borealis...
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Reindalen, Tafjordfjella / Norway
A detailed view of Reindalen from a mountain.
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Innerdalen, Norway
Night time view towards Innerdalen on a trekking journey in the Trollheimen mountain range.
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