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Ódáðahraun, August 2019

In the last years I spent well over 100 days hiking in the lava field of evil deeds. But painful feet of eternal hikes over sharp-edged lava are quickly forgotten in such moments as this distant view to the queen of all mountains. More than 50 km away from my position at the western edge of the Ódáðahraun she towers over the hostile lava shield of Kollóttadyngja. And when a group of Icelandic horses joins in at the right moment:

Herðubreið, Ódáðahraun, Icelandic Horse, Isländer, Riding, Kollóttadyngja, Iceland, Volcano, Viðiker

My fortune with the weather couldn't be greater, the right time to climb Þorvaldstindur:


A combination of work and amenities on a very green island in the Atlantic Ocean. With some different photos than usually shown here...

A dedicated gallery about my trekking journey's into the barren and otherworldly lava fields of the Ódáðahraun:

Thy Nationalpark

Thy, Bake, Jütland, Denmark, Danmark, Nationalpark, Stenbjerg, Klit, Vorupör
Stenbjerg Bake

A few days in the oldest national park of Denmark.

THY Gallery.

A visit to the karst mountains of Xingping.

Guilin, Xingping, Yangshuo, Guangxi, China, Karst

The gallery is online.



perseids, sternschnuppe, shooting star, Milchstraße, Milkyway
Perseiden Meteore (Achtermann, Harz)

Brocken: Lunar Eclipse & Mars

Finally some fresh images taken during the lunar eclipse from the highest mountain of Northern Germany.

More images in the HARZ gallery.

Blutmond, Brocken, Blocksberg, Harz, Lunar Eclipse, Blood Moon, Mars, 2018
Teufelskanzel, Moon & Mars

Mývatnsöræfi, February 2018

Ódáðahraun, Odadahraun, Iceland, Winter
Ódáðahraun during our flight to Iceland. What a wonderful view... A few days later it looked different!


Brockengeiser im Sonnenuntergang (Brockenm, Harz, Mittelgebirge, Blocksberg, Winter, Kampfzone, Wandern, Ski, Langlauf, Schneeschuh, Jens Bachmann)

Picture of the Month

Iceland, Ódáðahraun, Holuhraun, Lava, Eruption
Good times