Welcome in my gallery dedicated to landscape photographs taken on hiking journeys in Northern Europe and the Harz.

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(c) halendid.is

Hálendið: Iceland National Park


Please sign the petition and support the idea for a great national park in the icelandic highlands:


It is high time for a dedicated gallery dealing with my trekking journey's into the barren and otherworldly lava fields of the Ódáðahraun:



Begegnungen mit Feuer und Eis"


An article about my encounter with fire and ice at the Bárðarbunga fissure eruption will be published in the new issue of the nature photo magazine "Naturblick".

Now you find the article as pdf download!

Innerdalen, Trollheimen, Hilleberg, Muddus, Norway, Norge, Trekking, Wandern, Hiking, Tent

Southern Fjell Region of



- Rondane

- Dovrefjell

- Innerdalen / Trollheimen

- Tafjordfjella


Many thanks to more than 4000 visitors of the photo exhibition in Ilsenburg!


Ted Edwards: Querdurch - Eine Solowanderung in Island

Recently the NR-Fachverlag published a german translation of Ted Edwards book "Fight the wild Island - A solo walk across Iceland". The original book was published 1987 is out of stock for a long time.


It is a worth reading story about what maybe was the first touristic solo crossing of Iceland in times without the amenities of todays satellite navigation and information overkill...


I am pleased to contribute a few pictures of my recent trekking journeys through the Ódáðahraun and Hekla area. 

An Port, Cottage, Donegal, Ireland, Eire, Irland, Küste, Ferienhaus, Holiday
New Gallery: An Port Cottage
winter ski trekking in the ódáðahraun (iceland, island, odadahraun, pulka, pulksled, snowstorm, sturm)


Iceland, March 2014: Ódáðahraun - A Winter's Journey:


Skiing the biggest lava desert of Iceland, the Ódáðahraun. 14 days with a lot of snow and heavy northern winds but also some rewarding moments of pure nordic light.





All four parts of the winter journey are now available in the Ódáðahraun gallery:

1. Sellönd

2. Útbruni

3. Herðubreið & Bræðrafell

4. Hvammfjöll or the long way out of the storm 


Please click on the next pictures for direct links to new photos & galleries:

An Trá Bhán, Silver Strand, Donegal, Ireland, Irland, Éire, Malin Beg, An Port, Port Cottage, Slieve League, Fold, Rock, Geology
NEW - January 2015: Folded rocks at the Silver Strand (Donegal, Ireland)
Kerlingarfjöll, Hveradalur, Hverabotn, Ringroute, Trekking, Hringbrautinn, Inner Circle, Klakkur, Kisubotnar, Ögmundur, Höttur, Asgardur
July 2014 part 5: Kerlingarfjöll
Karlsdráttur, a secluded cove with lush vegetation (Langjökull, Norðurjökull, Skriðufell, Hvitarnes, Hvitarvatn, Hvítárnes, Hvítárvatn, Fúlakvísl, Fulakvisl, Fróðadalur)
July 2014 part 4: Hvítárnes & Karlsdráttur
Walking along the Jarlhettur (Skálpanes, Innsta, Staka, Tröllhettam Stora, Hagavatn, Nyifoss, Leynifoss, Jarlhettukvisl, Langjökull, Hagafellsjökull, Einifell, Sandvatn, Bláfell, Skálpanes, Mountaineers, Scooter, Snowmobile)
July 2014 part 3: Jarlhettur & Hagavatn
Klakkur, a former Nunatak in the glacier Langjökull (Þórisdalur, thorisdalur, tuff, iceland, kaldidalur, trekking, wandern, hiking)
July 2014 part 2: Þórisdalur
Brockengeiser im Sonnenuntergang (Brockenm, Harz, Mittelgebirge, Blocksberg, Winter, Kampfzone, Wandern, Ski, Langlauf, Schneeschuh, Jens Bachmann)
Langjökull (Kjalvegur, Kjölur, Trekking, hiking, wandern, bláfell, hvítá, hvitarnes, hveravellir, Fjallkirkja, Jökulkrókur, Gullfoss, Geysir, Strokkur, Þjofadalir, Þverbrekknamúli, thverbrekknamuli, pverbrekknamuli, Fremstaver, Kjalhraun, Trekking, hike)

An homage to the primordial nature...


Winter trekking in the endless lava fields of Útbruni.



Impressions of Ódáðahraun (Askja, Útbruni, Herðubreið, Holuhraun)

Picture of the Week:

Iceland, Fjarholar, Odadahraun, Lava