A lonely cottage at the wild ocean

An Port


There are not many places in Ireland where you can enjoy such fantastic views from the front door of a holiday cottage without any neighbours in sight despite the sea birds and flocks of sheeps. While walking around the rugged coastline of Donegal in 2011, we came across a rebuild cottage in the bay of An Port. Since then we wanted to experience the irish winter at this place detached from the world, with raging storms, crashing waves and wonderful light in between. In January 2015, we finally entered An Port Cottage for a week without the amenities of todays life. No electricity, warmth from a fireplace and the rough seascape of northwest Ireland around us. It was a short glimpse back to times when the rural population lived a hard life in such tiny agglomerations of houses. Nowadays most of these settlements are abandoned, but the rocky bones of the old houses are still existent. Thanks to the Purcell family that enables to experience the old way of living...


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