Audience with the Queen

Bræðrafell / Herðubreið


Bræðrafell (Hut*) - Flatadyngja


During winter, Herðubreið stands proud in a sea of snow with a few lava spikes here and there. As long as she's visible...


We reached the little but cozy hut Bræðrafell at the base of Kollóttdyngja and spent three nights there. For two days a snow storm tied us to the interior of the hut. Fine snow pressed in through the smallest gap in the windows and the door which could not been closed completely. The hut seemed to be a bit contorted compared to summer times...


Despite the grandeur of the area, just a few visitors come here even in summer. Since end of August we were the first to write again into the guestbook. Maybe that winter we were also the only ones seeing Herðubreið in winter coat this close?


*) Information:

The hut at Bræðrafell is owned by the Ferðafélag Akureyrar ( In summer, a marked trail called Öskjuvegur can be followed from Herðubreiðarlindir along Bræðrafell, Dreki, Dyngjufjalladalur and Botni.


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