Ódáðahraun Winter 2014


Suðurárbotnar - Útbruni - Fjárhólarborg - Bræðraskarð - Bræðrafell (FFA Hut)


We spent two days hauling our pulks through the Útbrunahraun lava stream from Suðurárbotnar in the direction of Herðubreið. These two days included a lot of icelandic weather. We saw the endless horizon on the clear but very stormy first day and literally "the nothing" on the second day.

In summer times this area is one of the most uninhabitable of the world, no water is found in the porous lava except snow fields that remind on harsh and even more hostile winter times. But there is one advantage of winter when plenty of snow fills the sandy depressions between waves of chaotic lava. The progress is  a bit more straight forward compared to summer times...

The vastness is unbelievable and I think it wasn't possible for me to photograph this appropriate, nevertheless you find a lot of pictures in the gallery above. Enjoy some views of this even in summer rarely visited area!


Askja / Dyngjufjöll Panorama from amidst the desolate Útbruni lava field (winter, ódáðahraun, odadahraun, lockstindur, lokatindur, öskjuvegur, utbruni, kollur, litlakista, storakista, dreki, ski, expedition, vatna, tent)
Panorama: Within one's reach but too far away this time: The Dyngjufjöll from the middle of the lava stream Útbruni.


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Picture of the Month

Heilagsdalur, Skjaldbaka
Skjaldbaka, seen from Heilagsdalsfjall