Fissure, Cone, Graben, Rift Valley, Fremstihóll, Miðhóll, Fremstihöll, Fremstiholl
Fremstihóll, the southern of two small cinder cones amdist the Fjallagjá graben system.
Herðubreið, Herdubreid, Midhöll, Midholl, Miðhóll, Fjallagjá, Fjallagja, Graben, Fissure, Cliff, Cinder Cone, Lava
A bit in the shadow of mountain that is a little better known, but an interesting place nevertheless. Fremstihóll stands in the middle of the Fjallagjá graben.

Picture of the Month

Askja, Öskjuvatn, Ódáðahraun
Öskjuvatn, under ice, August 2015.