Windberg (Valley of the Gates of the Kings?)

Not the official name of this small ridge in the shadow of the much higher Gjáfjöll and Herðubreiðarfjöll. But the name came to my mind when I first spotted this area on a satellite map as it was obviously a place where the wind squeezes through a narrow funnel. And in reality, when we walked terribly tired towards this mountain during a late midsummer night, a fierce headwind slowed us down considerably. If someone knows the real name of the mountain, please tell me...


Update: In the FI Yearbook from 1981 it is mentioned that this place has been called "Valley of the Gates of the Kings" because of the resemblance to the famous place in Egypt. Well...

Hafragjá, Ódáðahraun, Liparit, Palagonit, Hilleberg, Nammatj, Tunnel, Wind, Lava, Trekking, Tent, Zelt
"Windberg", a small hyaloclastite ridge between the Gjáfjöll to the west and Herðubreiðarfjöll to the east.
Lundhags, Windberg, Gjáfjöll, Herðubreiðarfjöll, Jaure, Trekking, Wandern, Hafragjá
When you sit on a mountain far away from every other populated place, without streets or marked trails in the vicinity, you inevitable ask yourself if someone else ever set foot on this place...

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Heilagsdalur, Skjaldbaka
Skjaldbaka, seen from Heilagsdalsfjall