Móskeggur (Hvammfjöll)

Hvammsfjoell, Moskeggur, Hvammfjoell
Móskeggur in Hvammfjöll (June 2016)

This name does not appear on any map but is mentioned in the 1981 Árbók "Ódáðahraun" of Ferðafélag Íslands (page 95). A rough translation of the corresponding passage:

"[...] Most of the knolls are rather regular in shape, the slopes are steep and slippery, but there are little cliffs. The knoll that most attracts attention is nameless like the others, lies to the west of the 840 m knoll and directly north of the previously mentioned crater. This knoll has some kind of lava cover on top, especially on the western slope. That slope is much steeper than the eastern slope, and seen from certain angles, it almost looks as if the hill slopes to the west. He clearly stands out from his other companions in the mountains, seen both from the south and from the north. A suggestion has been made that he could be called Móskeggur, the name derived from his appearance due to his lava cloak. [...]"

Hvammsfjoell, Moskeggur, Hvammfjoell
Móskeggur in Hvammfjöll (July 2023)

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