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Fjallagjá & Hafragjá

June 2016: 1/4

In the first days of June 2016 I was back in Iceland on a trekking journey along the northern tectonic graben system of Askja. This time again with Björn who already accompanied me on the Dyngjufjöll round in 2015. Starting at the F88 junction at Hrossaborg we followed the Fjallagjá towards two small cinder cones (Miðhóll, Fremstihóll), climbed Veggjabunga, walked along the steep cliffs of Hafragjá to Bræðraklíf and finally arrived in a windswept valley below the Gjáfjöll.


Route: Hrossaborg - Bleikkolluholt - Fjallagjá (Miðhóll, Fremstihóll) - Veggjabunga - Hafragjá (Bræðraklíf) - Gjáfjöll


Mývatnsöræfi, Myvatnsöraefi, Hrossaborg, Oblivion, F88, Herðubreiðarlindir, Explosion crater, Askja, Iceland, Ódáðahraun
Panorama of Hrossaborg ("city of horses") towards the North from its highest point.

Picture of the Month

Heilagsdalur, Skjaldbaka
Skjaldbaka, seen from Heilagsdalsfjall