Lava versus Sand



"Wide ruin spread the element around,

his havoc leagues on leagues may you descry;

and still the smouldering flame lurks unterground,

and tosses boiling fountains to the sky!"

- W.G. Lock: Askja, Iceland's Largest Volcano with a description of the great lava desert, 1881- 


Route: Dreki / Dyngjufjöll - F910 / Dyngjuvatn - Svartá - Skinandi - Vaðalda - Nýja-Holuhraun

Almost one year after visiting the Holuhraun Fissure Eruption I once again stood in front of the now cooling but still steaming lava field. Once more the sheer extent of the lava and the surrounding sandy desert of Dyngjusandur was overwhelming. We found an oasis like place to pitch our tents, with streams of fresh water emerging below the sand masses at Svartábotn*. From there it was still a long way on foot to get to the fresh lava and a remote waterfall…


*) With the permission of the Rangers at Dreki it is allowed to camp in the National Park, but only for walkers. With a 4x4 or motorbike you must stay on the marked "roads" and set up camp at one of the designated huts. Wounds in the landscape by offroad driving will only heal very slowly and the scars are visible for years.

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Dyngjufjöll panorama, seen from Svartábotn

Picture of the Month

Heilagsdalur, Skjaldbaka
Skjaldbaka, seen from Heilagsdalsfjall