Gjáfjöll / Herðubreiðarfjöll / Hrúthálsar

June 2016: 2/4

Remoteness, a description used often today to characterise the icelandic highlands. Unfortunately such places are getting scarce. But there are still havens for the seekers, only accessable by long and exhausting walks over trackless terrain with chaotic lava, snow fields and open fissures...


Route: Gjáfjöll - Herðubreiðarfjöll - Hrúthálsar - Sveinagjá - Hvammfjöll


<- 1/4 Fjallagjá

3/4 Hvammfjöll ->

Picture of the Month

Heilagsdalur, Skjaldbaka
Skjaldbaka, seen from Heilagsdalsfjall